Criteria for selecting a Registrar

Using the evaluation model to select an ISO registrar

After the implementing your management, you now need to certify it.  Choosing the right registrar for your organization is critical.  You will need to identify your main concerns and layout basic factors in your decision.

To evaluate a registrar, you'll need a set of decision factors.

1. The registrar's qualifications and experience.
  • The number of companies registered.
  • The structure of customer bases.
  • The registrar's experience in specific industry sectors.
  • The registrar's qualification requirements for its auditors.
  • Continued training of auditors.
2. Recognition of the certificate.
  • Cooperation agreements with other registrars.
  • The certificate's value, and how it's perceived in the market.
  • Recognition by existing and potential customers.
  • References.
3. The registration process.
  • Does the registrar have structured approach tailored to your needs?
  • The contract's design.
  • Service and support.
  • The quality of informational material.
  • The registrar's objectivity, neutrality and independence.
  • The consistency of the audit team.
  • The combination of quality and environmental audits available.
4. The time spent for registration.
  • Lead time.
  • The time required for the initial on-site audit.
  • Time expenditures for surveillance.
5. Registration costs.
  • Initial registration costs.
  • Surveillance costs.
  • Annual fees.
  • Traveling costs.
  • Other fees (e.g., application, registration, administration, etc.).
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